Queer Literature in Spanish

This working group proposes to read queer texts from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries across the Spanish-speaking world and problematize contemporary relationships between “queer” and “Hispanophone,” both broadly understood. As a working group, we invite  participation in these queer readings from any and all Yale disciplines and communities that engage with the Spanish-speaking world, including Latin America and Iberia as well as the United States, Equatorial Guinea, and other places where Spanish has informed literary and artistic practice. Our principal questions will address how and where desire and relation intersect with aesthetics and what work the word queer does, if any, in Spanish. We plan to meet twice a month to discuss pre-circulated readings. If a particular author interests you, please make a suggestion and/or we will welcome volunteers to present relevant historical or theoretical information on scheduled readings to initiate our discussions. Please email Ian Russell (ian.russell@yale.edu) or Alan Mendoza (alan.mendozasosa@yale.edu) to inquire or stay informed on upcoming meetings!