Grants for faculty research expenses, such as travel to inspect primary-source materials, acquisition of inaccessible books or visuals, and research assistance.

Financial support for expenses related to publishing a scholarly book (e.g., indexing, images, charts and maps, copyediting, proofreading, fact checking, publisher’s subventions, and translations). Available to full-time, early-career faculty members on continuing appointment in the humanities at Yale.

Grants for multidisciplinary teams of researchers (in faculty or equivalent senior academic administrative or curatorial roles at Yale University) to gather with scholars from across the US and beyond at the Whitney Humanities Center for intensive, seminar-like discussion on foundational themes connecting several disciplines.

Working groups sponsored by the Whitney Humanities Center bring together faculty, graduate students, and other researchers from across the humanities at Yale. We provide annual funding to discipline-based and transdisciplinary working groups on a variety of topics, from cuneiform to sound studies to contemporary Brazil.