Opera Studies Today

The Opera Studies Today Working Group aims to bring into dialogue scholars and practitioners of opera and other musical multimedia from across and beyond campus. We address recent trends in opera and opera studies, with a particular eye towards new compositions, genre-bending performative musical media events, and current stagings. We will also investigate the possibilities and relevance of opera studies vis-à-vis these recent practices. Meetings occur approximately monthly and take a variety of formats, including the discussion of pre-circulated readings, the presentation of work-in-progress, conversations about recent productions, or screenings of incisive stagings.

The working group also serves as an anchor for the annual YOST (Y | Opera | Studies Today) symposium, the first of which was launched in May 2019 (see http://dev.operastudies.yale.edu).

To receive emails about meetings and events, join our email list by visiting https://mailman.yale.edu/mailman/listinfo/operastudies.