Franke Visiting Fellows

The Franke Visiting Scholars and Artists Program is made possible by the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Franke.

The creation of this special fellowship is intended to ensure ongoing interdisciplinary exchange and creative debate at the Whitney in particular and at Yale in general. The Frankes also endowed an annual series of lectures and seminars at the Whitney, which present enduring topics in the humanities to Yale undergraduates and to the broader New Haven community.

The presence of Franke Visiting Fellows on campus contributes to the vitality of the Yale community at large while conferring honor on the recipient. The Fellows serve as catalysts for intellectual gatherings at the Whitney Humanities Center, setting their own agendas and presenting their work to the community. Occasionally, Visiting Fellows become involved and take part in events associated with the WHC’s annual Tanner Lectures on Human Values. 

Franke Visiting Fellows are an integral part of the WHC fellowship, as they participate in weekly luncheon talks and congenial conversation with other fellows, and are asked to deliver one public talk or presentation at a moment when Mr. and Mrs. Franke are able to attend.