Hilles Publication Fund


The Frederick W. Hilles Publication Fund assists with the publication of books in the humanities. Established through the generosity of the late Frederick W. Hilles, this fund supports expenses related to publishing a scholarly book, which may include e.g., indexing, images, charts and maps, copyediting, proofreading, fact checking, publisher’s subventions, and translations. Applicants may be awarded up to $7,000 for any one book.


We welcome applications from full-time early-career faculty members on continuing appointment in the humanities at Yale. Authors should apply only after the manuscript has been accepted for publication by a university or scholarly press. Preference will be given to first-time applications from assistant and associate professors. As funding permits, the committee will consider applications from other full-time faculty members (lecturers, lectors, and adjuncts) who have been members of the Yale College faculty for at least two years.

How to apply

Please combine the following elements of the application into one PDF and submit by email to Inessa.laskova@yale.edu: 

  • A letter of application that includes a summary of the manuscript.
  • At least one reader’s report attesting to the merits of the manuscript.
  • A letter of acceptance and endorsement from the publisher that breaks down publication costs and, if a subvention is requested, explains how a subvention will be used.
  • An itemized list of manuscript preparation expenses not paid by the press, e.g., indexing, images, charts and graphs, and permissions.
  • If the book project is eligible for funding from another Yale department or program, please provide details.