Critical Theories of Science and Religion

The spring 2020 Shulman Lectures have been organized in conjunction with the Yale College seminar “Critical Theories of Science and Religion” taught by Noreen Khawaja and Joanna Radin.

  • Abou Farman, The New School for Social Research, “Anaesthetic/Synaesthetic: Making Senses After Lives (#4)”
  • Cancelled /// Mary-Jane Rubenstein, Wesleyan University,  “The Matter with Pantheism: Gods, Worlds, Monsters”
  • Cancelled /// Zoë Todd, Carleton University, “Fishy Refraction, Resturgeonce, and Weaponized Fossil Relations: Tools for Rewriting Alberta’s Petrocolonial Chemistry”
  • Cancelled /// Emanuele Coccia, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, “Reincarnation Today”