Yale Program for the Study of Antisemitism

The Yale Program for the Study of Antisemitism (YPSA) invites scholars from across the university—including sociology, political science, law, history, literature, art history, philosophy, religious studies, and psychology—to analyze antisemitism in an atmosphere of interdisciplinary collaboration and scholarly inquiry. YPSA focuses on both past and present forms of antisemitism. It promotes the study of the perception of Jews, both positive and negative, in various societies and historical moments, and also encourages comparisons with other forms of discrimination and racism. The specific topics addressed by YPSA seminars and conferences are guided by the interests of its faculty and student participants.

YPSA regularly sponsors talks and lectures by leading scholars, both from Yale and other institution. It also hosts an annual conference focused on a specific theme. These events are open to the public. It makes research grants available to Yale faculty and students, and sponsors other forms of scholarly collaboration, including a faculty reading group. It also seeks to foster the study of antisemitism across the curriculum and will regularly host visiting faculty. Our goal is to stimulate new research of the highest caliber.


Maurice Samuels, Director
Inessa Laskova, Administrator