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Our collection of podcasts is available for download on SoundCloud or iTunes U, under the Yale University Humanities section. You may listen to our featured podcasts in streaming mp3 format by following the links below:

Podcast Speaker(s) Date

Cross-Cultural Reflections on Religion and Science

Joseph Prabhu, a Professor at California State University, Los Angeles, speaks on cross-cultural reflections on religion and science at the third Shulman Lecture of 2008 at the Whitney Humanities Center. He reflects philosophically on the concept of cosmology, and asks about ideas about the beginning and end of the universe.

Joseph Prabhu


Heaven or Heat Death? Christian and Scientific Perspectives...

Brother Guy Consolmagno SJ, distinguished guest and planetary scientist at the Vatican Observatory, discusses religious and scientific views of the end of the Universe at the second Shulman Lecture of 2008 at the Whitney Humanities Center.

Guy Consolmagno


A Universe of One's Own: Cosmology, Theology and Atheology

Prof. Taede Smedes explores cosmology, theology and atheology in his talk as first lecturer for the Shulman Lectures at the Whitney Humanities Center. In “A Universe of One’s Own”, Prof. Smedes weighs the many different views of the big bang theory, from the perspective of the evolutionists, scientists, creationists and the church.

Taede Smedes


How the Victorians Learned about Darwin’s Theories: Popularizing Evolution

Bernard Lightman’s research focuses on the cultural history of Victorian science. In speaking about the popularization of and attacks upon Darwin’s theories of evolution and natural selection, he draws on his 2007 study Victorian Popularizers of Science.

Bernard Lightman


Poetry Reading

In his 2009 poetry reading at the Whitney Humanities Center, award-winning poet and translator Peter Cole reads poems by medieval poets writing in Spanish and Hebrew, as well as from his own recent work, some of which also draws on medieval sources.

Peter Cole


Darwin and the Challenge of Biography

Janet Browne is a leading specialist on Charles Darwin and his life’s work. An associate editor of the early volumes of The Correspondence of Charles Darwin, she is also the author of a definitive two-volume biography, Charles Darwin: Voyaging (1995) and Charles Darwin: The Power of Place (2002). Hailed for its innovative examination of how scientific knowledge was gathered and disseminated in the nineteenth century, her study was awarded the James Tait Black Award for Nonfiction, the W. H. Heinemann Prize from the Royal Literary Society, and the Pfizer Prize from the History of Science Society, among others.

Janet Browne


Yale, A place for poetry: The Bollingen Prize for Poetry at Yale, 1949-2002

Celebrating the Bollingen Prize for Poetry at Yale, nearly all the living winners of this prestigious prize are brought together for a group reading sponsored by the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library and the Whitney Humanities Center. The recording begins with a brief introduction to the Bollingen program and recipients of the prize by Patricia Cannon Willis, the Elizabeth Wakeman Dwight Curator of the Yale Collection of American Literature at the Beinecke Library. Following her introduction, each winner of the Bollingen Prize, in alphebetical order, reads a selection from his or her work. There are readings by prize winners John Ashbery, Robert Creeley, Louise Glück, John Hollander, Donald Justice, Stanley Kunitz, W.S. Merwin, Gary Snyder, Mary Strand, and Richard Wilbur. This event took place at the Center Church on the Green on Friday, September 20, 2002.

John Ashberyand, Robert Creeley, Louise Glück, John Hollander, Donald Justice, Stanley Kunitz, W.S. Merwin, Gary Snyder, Mary Strand, Richard Wilbur