Whitney Humanities Center Fellows

The Whitney Humanities Center Fellowship brings together a community of scholars from across the University: FAS faculty, postdoctoral fellows, librarians, and curators, as well as colleagues from Yale Law School, the School of Medicine, and the School of the Environment. WHC Fellows gather weekly for intellectual exchange centered on but reaching well beyond the humanities.
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Franke Visiting Fellow
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Yale University Press
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American Studies/Ethnicity Race and Migration
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Yale University Art Gallery
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Beinecke Library
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English/African American Studies
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Schwarzman Center
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History of Art
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French/Yale French Studies
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African American Studies
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Ethnicity Race and Migration
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School of Drama
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Spanish and Portuguese
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Religious Studies
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History/Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies
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Divinity School Library
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Divinity School
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School of Art
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Theater and Performance Studies
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Germanic Studies
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Yale University Art Gallery
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Humanities Program
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American Studies
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African American Studies; Theater and Performance Studies; and English
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Spanish and Portuguese
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Yale Program for the Study of Antisemitism