From the Quadrangle

Alice Kaplan

I’m delighted to launch a new space on our website that we’ve named From the Quadrangle. We will be featuring interviews, unknown facts and stories about our history, and glimpses of future ventures. This space is not only about the Whitney Humanities Center—it’s about the larger comings and goings of the humanities at Yale writ large.

We’re grateful to our intern, Clio Doyle, for her research and for the stylish writing that has set From the Quadrangle in beautiful motion. In future posts, we will look forward to featuring the work of other talented graduate students. Forthcoming: the untold story of the HQ gargoyles and an interview with Jon Butler, Emeritus Professor of History, for a long view on HGS, now HQ. 

Alice Kaplan, Sterling Professor of French, has been the Director of the Whitney Humanities Center since 2020.