The Value of Marx’s Capital, Fall 2020

The fall 2020 Franke Lectures have been organized in conjunction with the Yale College seminar “The Value of Marx’s Capital” taught by Paul North.

  • Terrell Carver, University of Bristol, UK, Das Kapital: Critique, History, Knowledge
  • Marcello Musto, York University, Marx’s Concept of Alienatio
  • Lucia Pradella, King’s College London, Capital, a Book of Labor
  • Andrew Kliman, Pace University, Use-Value and Exchange-Value … and Value
  • Tithi Bhattacharya, Purdue University, What Did Marx Have to Say about Cooking Dinner? Social Reproduction Theory and the Labor Theory of Value
  • Massimiliano Tomba, University of California, Santa Cruz, “Nothing to Expect but a Tanning”: Bodies at Work
  • Michael Heinrich, HTW Berlin, Karl Marx’s Monetary Theory of Value
  • Stephanie Smallwood, University of Washington, Centering the Transatlantic Slave Trade in the Critique of Capital: Marx, Slavery, and the Problem of “Primitive Accumulation”
  • William Clare Roberts, McGill University,Science, Rhetoric, and Structure in Capital
  • Babak Amini, London School of Economics, On the Receptions of Karl Marx’s Capital in the Anglophone World
  • Fred Moseley, Mount Holyoke College, Marx’s Abstract Theory of Value and Money in Chapter 1 of Capital
  • Cinzia Arruzza, New School for Social Research, Readings and Misreadings of Primitive Accumulation