The Golden Age? Jewish Culture in Islamic and Christian Spain, 2004–2005

The inaugural Franke series celebrated the anniversary year of the great Jewish Cordoban thinker Moses Maimonides (1138–1204) by exploring topics in the history and culture of the Jews of medieval Spain.

  • Jerrilynn Dodds, City College, City University of New York, “The Synagogues of Medieval Spain: Jewish Life, Islamic Art, Christian City”
  • Raymond P. Scheindlin, Jewish Theological Seminary, “Trust in God: An Islamic Motif in the Pilgrimage and Poetry of Judah Halevi”
  • Jonathan Ray, Judaic Studies Post-Doctoral Fellow (Yale University), “From Islam to Christendom: The Jews in the Iberian Reconquest”
  • David Nirenberg, Johns Hopkins University, “How Jewish Is Spanish Literature? The Case of the Cancionero”
  • Peter Cole, translator, “The Dream of the Poem: Five Hundred Years of Hebrew Poetry from Muslim and Christian Spain—A Reading”
  • Ross Brann, Cornell University, “Competing Tropes of Andalusi Jewish  Culture”