The Age of Cathedrals, Spring 2010

The Spring 2010 Franke Lectures studied the culture and monuments of the High Middle Ages in France in their historical and art historical context. The series was organized in conjunction with the Yale College seminar taught by R. Howard Bloch, Sterling Professor of French and Chair of the Humanities Program.

  • Walter Cahn, Yale University, “Romanesque and Gothic as Biblical Architecture”
  • Robert Nelson, Yale University, “Hagia Sophia: An Alternative Biblical Architecture of Light”
  • Jay Rubenstein, University of Tennessee, “Guibert de Nogent and His Demons”
  • Alyce Jordan, Northern Arizona University, “The Sainte-Chapelle in Paris: Kingship, Crusading, and the Legacy of Louis IX”
  • Jacqueline Jung, Yale University, “Some Strange Region of the Universe: Material Things in the Gothic Cathedral”