Film FAQs

Where can I find upcoming film screenings at Yale?

Film screenings at Yale are sponsored by many departments, programs, and groups. Stay informed about upcoming Films at the Whitney screenings by joining our email list. If you’re looking for film screenings beyond Films at the Whitney, the three best places to start are Yale Film Archive, Film and Media Studies, and Yale Film Society. There are also a number of annual film festivals on campus, including the Festival of New Italian Cinema, the Environmental Film Festival at Yale (EFFY), the Latino & Iberian Film Festival at Yale (LIFFY), and the Yale Africa Film Festival.

I want to organize a film screening. Where do I start?

The Yale Film Archive offers detailed instructions on the three steps to arranging a screening at Yale. We recommend beginning your process there.

How can I get involved in Yale’s film community?

There are several ways to participate in Yale’s film community! If you are a Yale student, one of the best ways is to become a (paid) usher for film screenings, which you can do by contacting Inessa Laskova. If you are a Yale College student, you may want to join the Yale Film Society. You can find more resources and information at Yale Film Net. And, of course, attend as many film screenings as possible.

Where are films screened on campus?

Humanities Quadrangle (320 York St.) is home to two large film screenings spaces: the Alice Cinema (L01) and the Lecture Hall (L02). Both film venues support a range of media formats, including 35mm and 16mm film and Digital Cinema Package (DCP). Public film screenings are also held in the 53 Wall Street Auditorium and in the Loria Center Room 250 (190 York St.).=

I’m not a Yale affiliate. Can I attend films?

Screenings hosted by Films at the Whitney and by the Yale Film Archive are free and open to the public, as are many other screenings at Yale. If the publicity for a screening does not include an attendance policy, please check with the sponsoring department or program.