Past Shulman Lectures in Science and the Humanities

The following Shulman Lectures were organized in conjunction with the seminar “The Physics of Dance” taught by Sarah Demers and Emily Coates.

  • Jonathan Butterworth, University College London, “Research at the Energy Frontier: What, Why, and How?”
  • Yvonne Rainer, choreographer, filmmaker, and writer, “Innovation in Dance: Back and Forth with Yvonne Rainer”
  • Young-Kee Kim, University of Chicago, “An Atom as an Onion”
  • Liz Lerman, choreographer, performer, writer, educator, and speaker, “Creative Research: Crossing Borders, Disciplines, and Domains”

The following Shulman Lectures were organized in conjunction with a Yale College seminar “Habits of Mind” taught by Paul Bloom and Tamar Gendler.

  • David Pizarro, Cornell University, “Understanding the Moral Mind”         
  • Susan Goldin-Meadow, University of Chicago, “Gesture as a Mechanism of Change”
  • Angela Duckworth, University of Pennsylvania and James Gross, Stanford University, “Matter Over Mind: Situational Strategies for Self-Control”
  • Andrew Solomon, writer, “Far from the Tree”

The following Shulman lectures were organized in conjunction with a Yale College seminar taught by Rüdiger Campe, Professor of German Language and Literature.

  • Peter Dear, Cornell University, “Darwin’s Sleepwalkers: Taxonomic Evidence in the Presentation of Darwin’s Species Theory”
  • Ben Kafka, New York University, “The Experience of Evidence (Freud)”
  • Hans-Ulrich Gumbrecht, Stanford University, “All That Matters Is Invisible: How Latency Dominates Our Present”
  • Jonathan Lear, University of Chicago, “Wisdom Won From Illness: Psychoanalysis, Self-Consciousness, and the Peculiarity of Human Entanglement”
  • Linda Mayes and Helena Rutherford, Yale University, “The Psychobiology of Parenting and Attachment”
  • Andrew Gerber, Columbia University, “How the Mind Models the World: New Ideas from fMRI Findings”
  • David Rodowick, Harvard University, “Perfectionism’s Ironic Transport (Reading Now, Voyager after Cavell)”
  • Tamar Gendler, Yale University, “Holding Your Horses: Ancient and Modern Strategies for Regulating Internal Strife”
  • Bernard Lightman, York University, “How the Victorians Learned about Darwin’s Theories: Popularizing Evolution”
  • Taede Smedes, Catholic University, Louvain, “A Universe of One’s Own: Cosmology, Theology, and Atheology”
  • Guy Consolmagno S.J., Astronomer, Vatican Astrophysical Observatory, “Heaven or Heat Death? Christian and Scientific Perspectives on the End of the Universe”
  • Joseph Prabhu, California State University, “Cross-Cultural Reflections on Religion and Science”
  • Edward J Larson, Pepperdine University and University of Georgia, “Dayton to Dover: A Brief History of the Evolution Teaching Controversy in America”
  • Martin J. Sherwin, Tufts University, “Oppenheimer’s Shadow: His Nuclear World and Ours”
  • Cassandra Medley, Sarah Lawrence College, The Science of Dramatizing Science
  • Hugh Nissenson, Novelist and National Book Award finalist, “The Darkness Within: H. G. Wells and The Island of Dr. Moreau”
  • Dava Sobel, Prize-winning author and former New York Times science reporter, “Paper Planets”