Bruno Latour

"How Better to Register the Agency of Things: Semiotics"

March 26, 2014

Bruno Latour is Professor and Vice President for Research at Sciences Po in Paris. His lecture “How Better...

Peter Dear, Cornell University

"Darwin’s Sleepwalkers: Taxonomic Evidence in the Presentation of Darwin’s Species Theory"

February 11, 2014

Peter Dear is a professor of history and of science and technology studies at Cornell University. The recip...

Kathleen Higgins

"‘Thoughts That Come on Doves’ Feet’: Philosophy as Experience in the Work of Friedrich Nietzsche"

November 7, 2013

Kathleen Higgins is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Texas Austin. Her lecture “‘Thoughts That...

Dr. Ross Posnock

"On the Pleasures of Self-Misunderstanding: ‘How One Becomes What One Is’ in Nietzsche and Emerson"

October 3, 2013

Dr. Ross Posnock is Anna Garbedian Professor of the Humanities at Columbia University. He delivers a lectur...

Dr. David Mikics

"Emerson, Nietzsche, and the Romantic World"

September 26, 2013

Dr. David Mikics is John and Rebecca Moores Distinguished Professor in English and the Honors College at th...

Alberto Manguel

"Borges and the Impossibility of Writing"

February 3, 2010

Alberto Manguel, author of A Reader on Reading and The Library at Night delivers the 2010 Finzi-Contini Lec...