Left Literary Studies

This reading/working group meets fortnightly each semester to discuss classical or contemporary works in left-wing literary, cultural, political, and economic theory or readings of importance to such topics. Ecumenical and internationalist in its commitments, the group is open to all interested in the humanities or beyond. Our goal is to promote a robust, informed, and considered culture of left-wing analysis and debate on the interlocking crises of twenty-first-century global capitalism, these crises now as evident at the centers of the world-system as they always were on the peripheries, and pressing on the fields of education and culture as all others. Those involved will meet each September to agree on a syllabus of readings; regular participants will be expected to offer one presentation annually of one of the agreed readings. Presentations will be short, no more than 20 minutes, and ought typically to involve a short descriptive and introductory overview of the selected work, a brisk summary of its major theses, and some lively questions or provocations to open up group discussion.

We welcome new members and encourage people to come for individual meetings they find of interest.