Films at the Whitney Specs

Technical Specifications for Films at the Whitney Humanities Center Auditorium


The Whitney Humanities Center auditorium is the only space on campus that supports all celluloid and video formats: 8mm, 16mm, and 35mm film; Digital Cinema Projection (DCP); VHS; as well as BlueRay, DigiBeta, and BetaSP DVD formats. The two Kinoton 35mm projectors (installed in 2005) allow seamless changeover for projecting archival prints on multiple reels. The NEC DCP projector (installed in 2015) supports 2K DCP, as well as Blu-Ray, DVD, DigiBeta, and digital video files such as QuickTime.


The auditorium features Dolby Digital Surround SRD with new speakers and processor installed in 2009.


The auditorium has two screens: the front 19.5’ screen is for cinema projection; the back 15’ screen is for digital and VHS projection.

Stage, Lighting, and Podium

The stage measures approximately 20’ wide by 16’ deep. The auditorium piano and stage space allow live musical accompaniment for silent films. Auditorium lights, including the podium spotlight, are controlled from an on-stage panel near the podium. The podium houses controls for laptop, DVD, VHS, and auxiliary sound projection.


Standing or sitting in the aisles is not allowed by order of the Fire Marshall. This policy must be strictly enforced by all event organizers.