Bauhaus 100

In honor of the Bauhaus centenary, Shira Miron (German) and Henry Balme (Music) are initiating a working group meeting on a weekly basis during the Fall semester of 2019. Each session will be devoted to a theme, including but not limited to form; materials; the role of color and geometry in the curriculum; utopia(s) and new forms of social organization; aestheticization of daily life; contributions by women; questions of unity and exchange between art forms; industrial design and materials; Bauhaus and globalization; functionality and simplicity; historiography; performance at the Bauhaus; Bauhaus and Weimar politics; the legacy of the Bauhaus in the United States after 1933. One session will be devoted to an excursion to the Josef and Anni Albers Foundation in Bethany, Connecticut. Meetings start in the first week of the semester and end with the Thanksgiving break. Reading knowledge of German required.