Room Request Form

WHC event spaces may be reserved only by Yale-affiliated programs and organizations.  

There is no charge for events held at the Center, and all Whitney cosponsored events are free and open to the public.

People interested in reserving WHC spaces should use this form and consult our policy page for important information and policies. Those requesting a room for a film screening, please also complete the Projectionist Request Form. Screening organizers are responsible for projection fees and securing public performance rights.

Letitia, our Room Coordinator, will follow up and answer any questions:

Whitney event spaces available for use by Yale University personnel:

Whitney Event Spaces

Auditorium Seats 240. Offers full classroom and cinema projection.
Room 108 Seats 40 for lectures. Accommodates 70 for receptions.
Room 208 Seats up to 70 for lectures, with podium and projection (default 45 seats). Accommodates 60 for receptions.
Rotunda Accommodates 30 for receptions.


Please complete the form below to reserve a room for your event.

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Custodial services is required for every event. Please submit an online request.

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You will receive acknowledgement by email within 3 days; if you do not hear from us by that time, please email