Gallery at the Whitney

January 18, 2017 to May 31, 2017

Malay Theatre: Intangible Cultural Heritage and Islam

Curated by Kathy Foley (wayang) with Patricia Ann Hardwick (mak yong)

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Gallery at the Whitney

Inaugurated in March 2007, the Gallery at the Whitney exhibits paintings, photographs, and works on paper by artists affiliated with Yale or the larger Yale–New Haven community.

The Gallery mounts two to three shows a year featuring exhibitions designed to complement the programming of the Whitney Humanities Center, as well as the research and teaching interests of Yale faculty. To this end, the exhibits are often supplemented by artist teas and/or gallery talks. All shows are curated in collaboration with the Whitney staff. The Gallery comprises the main hall and meeting room of the Whitney Humanities Center and is thus at the heart of the Whitney.